Nimbus Engineer Mobile App for Servicing

Fire Alarm Service Engineer's Service Tools

Nimbus Engineer is an Android application that works with Nimbus and Nimbus Mobile, recording the engineers’ notes whilst testing. Nimbus Engineer data is communicated to Nimbus and all activity, comments, photographs and bar codes are recorded against each device within the current Nimbus service period.

  • Single engineer testing - a perfect service tool for fire alarm service engineers
  • Receive confirmation as tests are performed
  • Schedule which devices in which service period to test
  • Record and log – Pass/Fail with Comments, Photographs & Bar Codes
  • Optimise rectification and upgrade work

Test records are logged with the engineers comments within Nimbus.

LAN Control Systems can supply a smart phone with the Nimbus Engineer application preloaded and secured.

Additional Information

Supported Control Panels

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