Nimbus Weekly Test Mobile App for Weekly Testing

Fire Alarm Weekly Testing

Nimbus Weekly Test is an android application that notifies a user of a pending ‘fire alarm weekly test’ with specific instructions of which Manual Call Points (MCPs) should be tested.The user receives confirmation as tests are performed and the results are logged to the Nimbus Weekly Test log. The user may add photographs or comments to supplement the testing data.

A Nimbus administrator can configure when the weekly test is carried out and how many MCPs to test. User defined pre and post test tasks can also be configured and delivered to the user such as ‘contact the ARC to inform that a test is to be carried out’ prior to testing and then ‘contact the ARC to verify that a test was received’ when tests are complete.

LAN Control Systems can supply a smart phone with the Nimbus Weekly Test application preloaded and secured.

Additional Information

Supported Control Panels

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